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Journal Papers
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Energy harvesting from vibration of Timoshenko nanobeam under base excitation considering flexoelectric and elastic strain gradient effects May 2018
Nonlinear Modeling and Sensitivity Analysis of a Double-Notch Hydraulic Engine Mount (In Persian) Winter 2017
Optimization of spiral-shaped piezoelectric energy harvester using Taguchi method August 2017
An experimental and analytical piezoelectric energy harvesting from a simply supported beam with moving mass February 2016
A finite element model for extension and shear modes of piezo-laminated beams based on von Karman's nonlinear displacement-strain relation Spring 2016
Influence of weight parameter on chaotic vibration of flexible rotor supported by active magnetic bearings April 2016
Experimental and theoretical investigations on piezoelectric-based energy harvesting from bridge vibrations under travelling vehicles December 2016
Experimental and theoretical studies on piezoelectric energy harvesting from low-frequency ambient random vibrations Spring 2015
Dynamic responses of cross-ply bi-stable composite laminates with piezoelectric layers Fall 2015
Thermohydrodynamic analysis of foil journal bearings using differential quadrature method Fall 2015
Simulation and experimental evaluation of a magneto-rheological hydraulic engine mount (In Persian) October 2014
Optimization of Cocoa Butter Analog Synthesis Variables using Neural Networks and Genetic Algorithm September 2014
Design and Modeling of an Active Hydraulic Engine Mount Using FXLMS Algorithm for Automotive Applications (In Persian) November 2014
Effective Reduction of Stiffness at Peak Frequency in Hydraulic Engine Mounts April 2012
Two-mode operation engine mount design for automotive applications December 2012
Simulation of the Dynamic Behavior of the Magneto-rheological Engine Mount for Automotive Applications December 2011
A New Hydraulic Engine Mount Without Peak Frequency October 2011
Conference Papers
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Effective Reduction of Peak Frequency in Hydraulic Engine Mounts September 2010
A Novel-Double Notch Passive Hydraulic Engine Mount August 2010
A New Approach for Double-Notch Frequency Hydraulic Mounts June 2010
Vibration Analysis of Thick Plate with Integrated Piezoelectric Patches Using Finite Element Method May 2007
Forced Vibration of Mindlin-Reissner Thick Plate with Layers of Piezoelectric Sensors and Actuators April 2007

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